Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Food for the Moon walk

45 years ago today man walked on the moon - What were you eating at the time?

It's funny how the memory of that day brings back memories of food! I know what I ate that day!

I was nine  years old and attended a small country school of about 40 pupils, We only had one television set, and it was in a small room where we wouldn't have all fitted to watch the moon landing. So a few groups of us were sent to pupils nearby homes. Mine was just across the paddock.
I can't remember who was there with me from school, and I can't even remember much about the moon landing on the old hazy black and white TV, but what I do remember is that mum made us all sardine sandwiches! Yes, those ones out of a tin that everyone ate in the 60s.
Mum was very keen on all things tinned in those days - sardines, herrings in tomato sauce, lambs tongues in aspic jelly, tinned corn beef, camp pie, and of course at Christmas the inevitable tinned ham. I suppose it was a hangover from pre-refrigeration days, this penchant for canned protein.
We did at one point only have an ice-chest for cold storage. I used to love going with dad to the ice store and picking up a massive ice block. The men who worked there would haul huge blocks of ice around with gigantic ice plyers (not the technical term) and place it on the tarpaulin in the boot. The ice block went in the top and the food went underneath.

It's interesting how our food norms change in relation to technology, plus lots of other reasons of course  (such as reality cooking shows!)
So when I think of the moon landing I think of Sardine sandwiches. What about for you?  What were you eating (if you were around then - I think most people who have the ability to post on blogs weren't born back then!).
I have to say I eat a lot less tinned food these days, and haven't touched a sardine since my childhood!

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