Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cookie Monster!

As well as the pumpkin fest today, I also made another sweet treat from the blog of the Brown Eyed Baker  Since starting blogging recently, I've found one of the best things about blogging is being able to follow other people's blogs. There are some wonderful ones out there - I've signed up to follow a range of cooking, design, and photography blogs- but my favourite (so far) is this one.
While I cook many more things than I find time to blog about, The B.E.B blogs several times a week and has a huge trove of past recipes to link to. The collection of recipes to accompany the Superbowl was nothing short of breathtaking!
Brown eyed baker is an American blog, but there are some good conversion tables online to change the tablespoons of butter to grams, and decipher the various flour varieties etc.
Early in the year I made Christmas Crack, an addictive American treat made with Saltine biscuits (Premiums here). Apparently it's a common Christmas treat there, but I had never heard of it. For Valentines day I tried the Red Velvet poke cake - again a new one on me, Very very sweet, but it went down a treat at the office. And recently I made her sea salt and cashew chocolate chip cookies, which were the best cookie I've ever tasted!
Today I made a chocolate chip cookie cake. Apparently often used as a children's birthday cake, but again a new idea to me. It looks great, like an enormous tart-like cookie, and we'll try it  tomorrow with some vanilla bean ice cream.

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