Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Life on a Plate...

I am new to blogging. My daughter Megan has a beautiful blog adorned by her professional-looking photographs, and she has helped me to start this one of my own. Mine will probably not aspire to such visually aesthetic heights, but I love to write, and I hope to share some of my life's journey for posterity.

Meg and I at Hofbrauhaus, Melbourne
The need to share and experience has become more urgent for me of late. My eyesight is failing at a young age due to a genetic defect. My mother was blind at the age of 60. It has made me want to see and do everything I possibly can, everything that may become too difficult or impossible if the same fate awaits me.

And why the kitchen? Because food and the processes of preparing and sharing it are a large part of all our lives. Food runs parallel to so many life events - we use it to celebrate, to remember, to mourn. We anticipate and plan around it. I especially enjoy the sharing of food, and use it to show love to my family and friends. Whereas someone may say "What will we do?" for a special occasion, I always say "What will I cook?" The kitchen is the heart of the home, where so much more than food is exchanged.
A kitchen is about more than just the food
My blog aims to share my recipes - the triumphs and the failures, interwoven with the stories of my family and the amazing people in my life, and my journey into darkness if and when that time comes.
In my happiest place
I hope you will join me

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  1. I love it Mum, I'm so excited for you to learn the ropes of blogger and to photograph some of your delicious cooking :) x